Grafhugo is the artist name of Dave Kock. Grafhugo is mainly editing Videos and Photos.    

Video's-, Photo's- and Soundediting

Hugo started filming at the age of 12 Years, with the filming also editing comes along. Since 2018 Hugo's main Video-editing programm is Premiere Pro. With all his free time acitivites, Hugo made alot of experience in Photography and editing Photos. This came quite handy while his work for the Radio, where he also learnd how to edit Sound.

  • Video-Editing
    Hugo is a professinal Video-Editor. His main editing programm is Premiere Pro. 
  • Photo-Editing
    Using Photoshop and Lightroom Hugo is making the best out of yor Images     
  • Sound-Editing
    Whilst working for the Radio, Hugo learned alot about Sound and editing Sound.

Latest Work

Find all my last work i did as Video, Photo or Sound Editor

Dave Kock while filming for a new episode

Fridays for Future Strike - Video      

During the Strike in March 2020 i made the Video
Vienna Reichsbrucke sunrise

Vienna - Reichsbrücke

A Picture Shot with Samsung Galaxy S7 Mobilephone
My last episode is the gambling episode on FS1-TV
Dave Kock - Travel to Kiruna
A Picture Shot with Samsung Galaxy S7 Mobilephone
A Picutre near the Bodensee

Dave Kock singing with Abba in Stockholm
Brige over a River with a rail ontop of it
Castle of Trakai in Lithuania

Hire Hugo?

If you like the work and want Hugo to edit your Video, Photos or Sounds? You can hire him here!    


Dave Kock is a young entrepreneur based in Vienna, Austria. Dave knows alot about Topics like: Video-Creation, Video-Editing, taking Photos, Editig Photos, Recording and everything connected with Social-Media.


Dave Kock
Vorgartenstraße 110A 319.1
1020 Wien

+43 681 84886337
[email protected]


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